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Monday morning! Don’t worry – the English Puritan, John Owen, is here to kick-start your week! Check out this brilliant John Owen overview by Mike Reeves: Mike Reeves: Introducing… John Owen Download it, put it on your iPod – listen on the way to work. Owen is definitely a guy worth knowing about. “On Christ’s glory […]

‘The doctrine of the Trinity is not a maths problem. It’s the good news that God is love, and we’re invited.’ Check out this great little minute-long video from Glen Scrivener:

Monday morning is here again. A new week of work is under way. Check out these two free Christian music albums to lighten-up the start to the week! Both are contemporary takes on hymns – both are quite different styles! Something for everyone! Ascend the Hill – Hymns: Take the world but give me Jesus […]

Without Jesus everything unravels… Without Jesus, we have no hope (1Pet 1:3) Without Jesus, we have no resurrection (1Cor 15) Without Jesus, we have no salvation (John 3:16-17) Without Jesus, we cannot be called children of God (John 1:12); Without Jesus, God is not a Father (John 1:49); Without Jesus, God does not love (John […]

David Murray, Professor of Old Testament & Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, has posted a couple of interesting thoughts over the past few days. They might be questions that not many of us have considered, but they have a knock-on effect on how we view the eternal work and ministry of the Spirit. […]

What happened at Pentecost? Wasn’t it the day the Holy Spirit was invented? It seems to be quite a common view that after the ascension, as the Disciples waited for the ‘Counsellor’ (John 14:16), they had no idea who they were expecting as it was something completely new to them! So, were the Disciples the […]