Delighted by God – Heartfelt Christianity

Earlier in the month I attended a brilliant conference in London – ‘Delighted by God – Hearfelt Christianity’ – The talks are now available on the Cor Deo website – I would especially recommend Mike Reeves’ superb talk:

Ron Frost | A Description of Christ
Peter Sanlon | The Transformative Power of the Bible
Mike Reeves | The Heart-Winning God
Peter Mead | Deeply Satisfied?

Below is the conclusion to Mike’s talk:

Delighted by God?  Heartfelt Christianity?

The focus isn’t on our delight but on the God who is so delightful.  The focus isn’t on our hearts but on the Christ who wins them.

And so, my brothers and sisters, look to Jesus who shows us the love of the Father and who shares with us the love of the Father.

Do not focus on any delight you do or do not have in Him.  That’s not your focus.  Look to Him who brings delight.  Look to Jesus.  United to Him – He is your status.  Then your heart begins to thrill.

When you’re looking inside grubbing around for how delighted you are… well,  you’ll just scrape yourself raw.  Look to Him in whom there is all fullness.  And be delighted.

Look to Jesus, else you’ll forget that God is a Father.  Look to Jesus else you’ll forget that God is your Loving Father who accepts you in the Son.

For the refreshing of the church today, let us be a people who speak much of Jesus.  Who lay open and unfold the unsearchable riches of Christ to ourselves everyday, to each other, for thereby hearts are drawn to Christ.

For, as Luther said,  it is through Jesus that “we may look into God’s fatherly heart and see how boundlessly He loves us, that would warm our hearts, setting them aglow.”



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    Extremely detailed and informative

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