The Good God – Mike Reeves

Mike Reeves’ new book – The Good God – is out soon and promises to be a truly great Trinitarian feast!

The book will undoubtedly be a fantastic read and in the words of Glen Scrivener ‘life-shaping’. It is out at the beginning of March 2012 (next month) and is now available to pre-order from: Amazon and

Here are a few snippets from the book:

“When you start with the Jesus of the Bible, it is a triune God that you get”

“The triune God is an ecstatic God: he is not a God who hoards his life but one who gives it away, as he would show… at the cross.”

“Absolutely singular supreme beings do not like creation”

“The very nature of the triune God is to be effusive, ebullient and bountiful; the Father…finds his very self in pouring out his love”

“Through the cross we see a God who delights to give himself.”

“To be the child of some rich king would be nice; but to be the beloved of the emporer of the universe is beyond words.”

“Our God does not give us some thing that is other than himself, or merely tell us about himself; he actually gives us himself.”

You can follow the book on Twitter: @EnjoyingTrinity


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