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Jesus: Transformission 2011 talks

Get your iPods at the ready – here is some new material! Last month, Mike Reeves gave three ‘Jesus talks’ at the Transformission 2011 event in Exeter. They were, needless to say, brilliantly inspiring! Below are the links to the talks. Definitely worth listening to. 1.Who is Jesus – is your God Jesus-less? See why real life […]

Irenaeus: How does the Old Testament testify of Christ?

What does Jesus mean when he says that the Scriptures testify of him? What does he mean when he says that Moses wrote about him? Well, Irenaeus of Lyons (you can hear an introductory talk about him here) addresses this in ‘Against Heresies’ (chapter 10, fourth book), and as my last post was about Justin Martyr, I […]

Delighted by God – Heartfelt Christianity

Earlier in the month I attended a brilliant conference in London – ‘Delighted by God – Hearfelt Christianity’ – The talks are now available on the Cor Deo website – I would especially recommend Mike Reeves’ superb talk: Ron Frost | A Description of Christ Peter Sanlon | The Transformative Power of the Bible Mike Reeves | The […]