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Part III: The Ascended Son (Psalm 24)

The Psalm of the Ascension Today we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension! What a joyous occasion it must have been for the disciples who witnessed it first hand. After the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples. It was then that he said to them: “This is what I told you while I was still with […]

Part I: The Forsaken Son (Psalm 22)

The Psalm of the Cross Today is Good Friday and on this day, 2000-odd years ago, the most famous event to ever break in to human history took place – and we can, of course, read the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus to marvel at the sacrifice that Jesus made on the Cross for us. There […]

Autumn declares the need for a Saviour

The view from my study window has changed a lot recently. The once green and flourishing views of grass, flowers and trees have been replaced by a picture of reds, yellows and browns. Some of us may think that the wonderful colours of autumn mark it out as the most beautiful time of year. But what is actually […]