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Spring proclaims the Resurrection

Spring is here. The blossom is on the trees. Buds will soon turn into leaves. Life is springing up all around. But what does it all mean? Is there any meaning in it or is it just an abstract irrelevancy? Having gone through the death and decay of autumn, and the baron wilderness of winter, in spring […]

Autumn declares the need for a Saviour

The view from my study window has changed a lot recently. The once green and flourishing views of grass, flowers and trees have been replaced by a picture of reds, yellows and browns. Some of us may think that the wonderful colours of autumn mark it out as the most beautiful time of year. But what is actually […]

The Sermon of Creation

What is the nature of everything we see around us? What is the nature of creation? How do we interpret the world we live in? I’ve had many chats with people who don’t seem to think creation has much to say to us at all – as if we are a bunch of aliens plonked […]

First Post: Matthew Henry on Malachi 4:2

I thought I’d start this blog as I mean to go on. Here are the words of the great 17-18th century English Bible commentator, Matthew Henry, on Malachi 4:2: “What this mercy and comfort shall bring to them: He shall arise with healing under his wings, or in his rays or beams, which are as […]