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‘God is love… and we’re invited’ – Glen Scrivener

‘The doctrine of the Trinity is not a maths problem. It’s the good news that God is love, and we’re invited.’ Check out this great little minute-long video from Glen Scrivener: Advertisements

Part III: The Ascended Son (Psalm 24)

The Psalm of the Ascension Today we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension! What a joyous occasion it must have been for the disciples who witnessed it first hand. After the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples. It was then that he said to them: “This is what I told you while I was still with […]

Part II: The Glorified Son (Psalm 23)

The Psalm of the Resurrection On the first day Jesus was crucified on the Cross, revealing the self-sacrificial nature of the Triune God. As we saw in Psalm 22, Jesus took great comfort in the ‘joy set before him’ – that joy that was set before him is what we celebrate today – the third […]

Part I: The Forsaken Son (Psalm 22)

The Psalm of the Cross Today is Good Friday and on this day, 2000-odd years ago, the most famous event to ever break in to human history took place – and we can, of course, read the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus to marvel at the sacrifice that Jesus made on the Cross for us. There […]

The Good God – Mike Reeves

Mike Reeves’ new book – The Good God – is out soon and promises to be a truly great Trinitarian feast! The book will undoubtedly be a fantastic read and in the words of Glen Scrivener ‘life-shaping’. It is out at the beginning of March 2012 (next month) and is now available to pre-order from: Amazon and 10ofthose.com. Here […]

Jonathan Edwards on singing

Why do we sing? What’s the point of singing in church? What does it even achieve? Well the Puritan, Jonathan Edwards, was a big fan of singing. You see, when we sing in church, the voices of the congregation come together in harmony. This is good in two ways: First, it is relational. Jonathan Edwards […]

The Trinity is a Bit Like…

Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday… yes… that day in the church calendar when clergy up and down the country have to preach on the Trinity. Although we should be drooling with excitement at the prospect of being told about the glorious Trinity, I can’t help but notice that to many it seems rather burdensome and […]